Microsoft Power Apps: Time Booking App

There are many existing systems and platforms that allow you to record time spent on client projects, each system will have a range of pro’s and con’s with how it fits your exact business needs. This is what i found when looking at the market. I heavily utilise SharePoint and the Microsoft Power Platform to run a large part of my business and instead of buying an off the shelf package to integrate with my accounting platform, i decided to attempt to build my own time reporting solution. The end product gives me exactly the functionality i need, without the distractions of the additional bells and whistles.

PowerApps screen showing a time reporting app.

The front end to my application was developed using Microsoft PowerApps with Microsoft SharePoint Lists being used as the storage for the data that i create.

Utilising PowerApps allows me to use the application on my laptop, but crucially gives me a quick way to register time when i am out on the road.

I expanded the use of the application to also allow me to create new clients, new client projects and project time activities which would have time registered against them.

In developing the application, when the data is written back to SharePoint, certain automations take the data and perform actions on my behalf. These actions are performed by Microsoft PowerAutomate

As an example, when using the app to create a new client, a new line is created in my Clients SharePoint list. A PowerAutomate flow triggers on the new data being entered which then sets up a dedicated SharePoint site for my new client and assigns them a client number.

Once the client SharePoint site is setup, the client is immediately available in the app to register a project against. Once a project is created, another PowerAutomate flow is triggered which sets up the default project folders on the client SharePoint site, for the new project.

In using the PowerApp and the PowerAutomate flows, i am able to introduce a consistent approach to creating my client projects and reduce the time i need to spend in setting everything up manually.

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